bbc1.core.topology_manager module

Copyright (c) 2017

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class bbc1.core.topology_manager.TopologyManagerBase(network=None, config=None, domain_id=None, node_id=None, loglevel='all', logname=None)[source]

Bases: object

Network topology management for a domain

This class defines how to create topology, meaning that who should be neighbors and provides very simple topology management, that is full mesh topology. If P2P routing algorithm is needed, you should override this class to upgrade functions. This class does not manage the neighbor list itself (It’s in BBcNetwork)


make nodelist binary for advertising

notify_neighbor_update(node_id, is_new=True)[source]

Update expiration timer for the notified node_id

  • node_id (bytes) – target node_id
  • is_new (bool) – If True, this node is a new comer node

Process received message

Parameters:msg (dict) – received message

Invalidate all running timers

update_refresh_timer_entry(new_entry=True, force_refresh_time=None)[source]

Update expiration timer